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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
PDFTrucking Magazine April 20210MagazineTarkusTWS20 minutes, 22 seconds78.93 MBNZB
PDFTransport News April 20210MagazineTarkusTWS21 minutes, 8 seconds34.38 MBNZB
PDFToday's Dietitian April 20210CookingTarkusTWS21 minutes, 57 seconds31.71 MBNZB
PDFThe Guitar Magazine May 20210HobbyTarkusTWS23 minutes, 6 seconds81.23 MBNZB
PDFT3 April 20210MagazineTarkusTWS23 minutes, 57 seconds28.01 MBNZB
PDFStyle at Home UK May 20210MagazineTarkusTWS24 minutes, 53 seconds165.08 MBNZB
PDFSmart Photography April 20211HobbyTarkusTWS25 minutes, 32 seconds103.54 MBNZB
PDFSelfbuilder And Homemaker Issue 2 20210MagazineTarkusTWS26 minutes, 10 seconds32.76 MBNZB
PDFSamsung Galaxy For Beginners March 20211MagazineTarkusTWS26 minutes, 50 seconds51.98 MBNZB
PDFRolling Stone April 20210MagazineTarkusTWS27 minutes, 33 seconds45.57 MBNZB
PDFOrigins- Speculations on the Cosmos, Earth, and Mankind0TarkusTWS1 hour, 52 minutes500 KBNZB
PDFThe Atlantic Wall- History and Guide4WarTarkusTWS2 hours, 31 minutes64.67 MBNZB
PDFTotal Guitar - Issue 343 [Apr 2021]0HobbyTarkusTWS3 hours, 13 minutes452.16 MBNZB
PDFTotal Guitar - Issue 342 [Mar 2021]1HobbyTarkusTWS3 hours, 17 minutes59.24 MBNZB
PDFGramophone - Vol. 98 No. 1200 [May 2021] (Classical Music Review)3HobbyTarkusTWS3 hours, 21 minutes56.78 MBNZB
PDFBladmuziek - 150 of the most beutyfull songs ever5HobbyTarkusTWS3 hours, 35 minutes27.18 MBNZB
PDFBladmuziek - The Groovy Years - Songs Of The Hippie Era4HobbyTarkusTWS3 hours, 36 minutes13.12 MBNZB
PDFLego Technic Building Instructions Edities 2014 Deel 26HobbyTarkusTWS3 hours, 57 minutes359.62 MBNZB
PDF11000 recepten anno 1900-grootmoeders kookboek.(PDF)23CookingTigersplace6 hours, 44 minutes3.99 MBNZB
PDFTante-Fanny-receptenboekje-koken-met-kliekjes (PDF)12CookingTigersplace7 hours, 26 minutes4.62 MBNZB
PDFNRC Handelsblad 17-04-202111NewspaperTigersplace7 hours, 32 minutes108.2 MBNZB
PDFRailway Age April 20213MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 38 minutes13.77 MBNZB
PDFPractical Electronics May 202110MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 39 minutes18.54 MBNZB
PDFPhotoshop User April 20218ComputerTarkusTWS1 day, 40 minutes88.2 MBNZB
PDFPhotography Week 01 April 20216HobbyTarkusTWS1 day, 41 minutes18.25 MBNZB