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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
PDFICreate 126 - 202116ComputerDemonneke12 hours, 40 minutes13.06 MBNZB
PDFTile.Magazine-November.December.20201MagazineTarkusTWS13 hours, 56 minutes14.16 MBNZB
PDFThe Washington Post Magazine-28 February 20212MagazineTarkusTWS13 hours, 58 minutes6.46 MBNZB
PDFThe Real History of The Crown-February 20213HistoryTarkusTWS13 hours, 59 minutes135.61 MBNZB
PDFThe.Great.Outdoors-March.20211TravelTarkusTWS14 hours, 59 seconds94.32 MBNZB
PDFThe.Critic-March.20211MagazineTarkusTWS14 hours, 3 minutes121.31 MBNZB
PDFSFX-March.20217Science FictionTarkusTWS14 hours, 8 minutes94.94 MBNZB
PDFMG.Enthusiast-April.20212MagazineTarkusTWS14 hours, 10 minutes104.35 MBNZB
PDFNational Lampoon Magazine editions 19701MagazineTarkusTWS14 hours, 22 minutes199.72 MBNZB
PDFAll About History Collection 411HistoryTarkusTWS14 hours, 22 minutes1.71 GBNZB
PDFCrafting.Specials-28.February.20211CraftworkTarkusTWS14 hours, 47 minutes128.44 MBNZB
PDFCQ.Amateur.Radio-March.20213HobbyTarkusTWS14 hours, 48 minutes58.79 MBNZB
PDFThe Washington Post - Year 144 Issue 090 [05 Mar 20213NewspaperTarkusTWS14 hours, 53 minutes18.94 MBNZB
PDFThe New York Times - No. 58,988 [05 Mar 2021]3NewspaperTarkusTWS14 hours, 55 minutes118.24 MBNZB
PDFPlayStation Official Magazine UK-March 20217ComputerTarkusTWS1 day, 11 hours189.17 MBNZB
PDFBladmuziek - songbook Taylor Swift - Red11HobbyTarkusTWS1 day, 13 hours4.68 MBNZB
PDFTotal Film March 202113Magazinekaapman1 day, 14 hours78.22 MBNZB
PDFTaste com au Cookbooks-March 20215CookingTarkusTWS1 day, 15 hours67.33 MBNZB
PDFDelicious.UK-March.20215CookingTarkusTWS1 day, 15 hours56.22 MBNZB
PDFSailing.World-February.March.20211HobbyTarkusTWS1 day, 15 hours76.35 MBNZB
PDFPhoto.Insights-March.20212HobbyTarkusTWS1 day, 15 hours22.26 MBNZB
PDFOld Cars Weekly-15 March 20213MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 15 hours79.41 MBNZB
PDFNew.Electronics-23.February.20215MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 15 hours5.1 MBNZB
PDFAll About History Collection 314HistoryTarkusTWS1 day, 15 hours1.6 GBNZB
PDFHousebuilder and Developer HbD-February 20211MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 16 hours18.1 MBNZB